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About 35 of the organization's 160 or so members had works in the fashion showcase. The others, said member , make fiber art "mostly to get their emotions out in their work." They take it seriously, however. (Or maybe it was his lime green shoes and tie, complemented by a purple scarf from the silent auction, that got the ladies tittering.) Enjoying the show front and center was , there with fiber artist and her partner, EmilyOliver. When I walked out of the screening of I Still Know What You Did Last Summer I overheard a group of young people discussing the logic of the film. You know how it goes . `Yeah, but why did they leave him lying there?` . No one except Faulkner could cope with Cotter's tremendous pace. However, Faulkner at last found a capable partner in Schwarz and at the end of the day, the score without further loss had reached 140. Not a ball could be bowled on Monday, and on Tuesday play was restricted to less than a quarter of an hour. 17 year old Kippei is a popular high school Casanova, who skips out on class to flirt with girls. He's not serious about his relationships with his fan girls, not serious about school -- not particularly serious about anything really. However, Kippei's carefree days come to a screeching halt. Aquatalia boot collections offer a variety of styles for different seasons and also for different types of consumers. Some styles are considered to be classic, while others are trendy and may change from season to season. Aquatalia is constantly updating options in leathers, colors, styles, and trims for footwear designs. The sponsors of the Harvest Festival 2011 will Montmartre singer Laurent Voulzy and singer Jocelyne Beroard, successor to the actors Gerard Jugnot and Firmin Richard. In addition, the theme will be "Montmartre celebrates the islands" as we celebrate in 2011 the Year of the Overseas France. At that time, the greatest ultramarine will be honored during the 78th edition.. Stylists working with the designers, hair stylists and makeup artists also contribute to the high price of backstage production. Clothing stylists work directly with the designers, as well as creative directors, to style collections coming down the runway. If you are a lesser-known stylist, the cost to the designer can be $5,000 to $6,000 dollars a day, with a four-day minimum. Tucked in a little valley at the base of Hengst Peak, five Mosquito Lakes beckon the day hiker and backpacker. Each glacier-carved lake fills a rocky bowl and seems to have its own special quality. Mosquito Lakes Trail ascends in stair-step fashion from one lake to another.

Men's Night takes the fear out of lingerie shopping [Fashionable]4/17/2013 4:49:53 PM
´╗┐Men's Night takes the fear out of lingerie shopping Men may find that buying clothes for their wives is tricky enough, but when it comes to lingerie it can become risky business. You can rummage through the drawers looking for sizes, but styles and fashion are another matter. Not to mention the fact that guys are a little shy shopping for ladies' underwear. Thursday night, though, a shop in Sherwood Forest Village helped make the experience a little easier for men by hosting its fourth annual Christmas men's night. "It's very important for the gentlemen to feel comfortable purchasing lingerie for their ladies and to give them the opportunity to make the right purchase," said Les Plant, owner of Calla Lily Fine Lingerie. The store tries to simplify the shopping experience for men by storing the measurements of their customers in a database that lets them know what size, colours and products his significant other likes. The store contacts its regulars every year to let them know about the event and the comfortable atmosphere they are trying to create. "Men enjoy coming, they feel like it's a special night for them," said Roula Haddad, a consultant at the store. "We skipped it one year and we had people phoning asking when we are going to have it." The store also tried to ease the shopping experience with a live model that showcased different outfits so customers had a better understanding of how the merchandise fit. Plant said lingerie gifts are popular because it's very personal. "It's always appreciated because of the personal attention involved." He said matching bra and panty sets are always popular. There are several places to buy lingerie including department stores, specialty stores, and the internet, but Plant says his store caters to a crowd who are looking for a higher quality of merchandise. Many of the products in the store are imported from France and an average bra at this specialty shop could set you back at least $100.

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